Under the Waves is a captivating love letter to deep sadness

Located in the depths of the North Sea, Under the waves is a narrative-driven adventure game set in the techno-futuristic 1970s from developers Parallel Studio and publisher Quantic Dream. After being first announced at Gamescom in 2022, Under the waves it will finally arrive on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and PC on August 29.

In this underwater adventure, you play as Stan, a professional diver who must face a life-changing loss and find his way to an unknown future. To coincide with the game’s release, Parallel Studio and Quantic Dream are partnering with the Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non-profit association dedicated to improving lakes, rivers, oceans, waves and shorelines, to support the message of protecting the oceans that echoes throughout the game itself .

Under the waves it is meant to serve as a love letter to the oceans while also being a manifestation of the isolation and loss felt when dealing with grief. The story will be brought to life with cinematic visuals, heart-pounding storytelling, and an enchantingly serene soundtrack, as shown in original teaser trailer.

(Image credit: Quantic Dream)

Throughout the game, you’ll be tasked with traversing the depths of the ocean to admire the wildlife, collect waste and collectibles, and piece together Stan’s story before facing the difficult decision of whether you’re ready to return to the surface – both figuratively and literally.

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