Powered by Unreal Engine 5.1, Fortnite Chapter 4 looks really next-gen

Fortnite Chapter 4 has finally landed, and there have been some intense visual improvements in addition to the brand new map. Now running on Unreal Engine 5.1, Fortnite has unveiled some drastic yet enchanting new visuals to highlight the best use of the new update.

The latest debut shows what Unreal Engine 5.1 is capable of, making Epic Games’ most popular title even more of a feast for the eyes. The update is supported on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. Sorry Nintendo Switch owners, the handheld hybrid is not up to par this time around.

While much of Fortnite’s original charm continues in Chapter 4, there are a few new elements worth noting with Unreal Engine 5.1, such as the way buildings are rendered in real time and the modeling of every brick, wall trim, and plank along with the introduction of very detailed architectural geometry with nanite meshes as opposed to statistical meshes that highlight the details of each landscape with new rendering technology, easily rendering pixel quality and high poly counts.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The same can be said for natural landscapes, which are also rendered from thousands of polygons, which, combined with the newly introduced Lumen light reflections, creates a new level of detail for players. Light reflections also provide real-time global illumination at 60 frames per second, allowing players to experience everything from reflecting light in interiors to ray reflections on water surfaces.

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